Supper with my surgeon

As many of you know, when I was in Kathmandu last year, I broke my right arm so badly it required two surgeries, one here and one back home.

I’ve stayed in touch with Dr. Shriraj Shrestha, the surgeon who performed the first operation. He told me that if I ever returned to Kathmandu, I should let him know. I did and as a result, we were able to meet for diner.

Lillian and I met Shriraj and his wife Dr. Anjila Basnet at an excellent Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Pho. It was a pleasure to see him again and to meet Anjila. Over dinner we chatted about Nepal and Kathmandu, travel, their two boys, Shrian and Shriyash, and their busy family life as two physicians raising a family.

My accident last spring significantly changed my summer plans but, on the other hand, it let me meet some great Nepali people like Shriraj and Anjila.


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