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Grand Canyon – North Rim

The decision was made while we were still in Salt Lake City. We’ve come this far, we reasoned, what’s another 600 or 700 km? We visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon three years ago, now we’ll visit the north side.

The North Rim closes down on October 15 Continue reading Grand Canyon – North Rim


Seven days out and we’re still in Ontario!

Sure, we’ve been stopping to explore here and there, but it sure drives home the fact that Ontario is a big, big province. Quebec to Manitoba, from border to border, it’s more than 2,000 km. The route is lined with rocks, trees, lakes, rivers and more rocks and trees combining to create breath-taking scenery. Much as it reminds us of Group of Seven paintings, there’s lots more to see besides the landscape. Continue reading Seven days out and we’re still in Ontario!