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Travels with Lili-Didi

“Have you ever been to New Orleans Café in Thamel?”

“Yes, that’s where we ate last year when my arm was in a cast.”

“I like that place. What about Helena?”

“No, I’ve never eaten there. Have you been to the Garden of Dreams?”

“No, I’ve been coming here for 12 years and I’ve never been to that park.”

“We’ve got to go, you’ll love it.” Continue reading Travels with Lili-Didi


Back in Kathmandu

Arriving in Kathmandu is always entertaining. The airport’s arrivals hall is dimly lit; the décor is dark wood paneling and deep red bricks over slate flooring. Charcoal-coloured counters worn from long use line one side of the room. On these counters, arriving travelers must fill out their Immigration declaration. The most interesting question on the form, your gender: male, female or other. Continue reading Back in Kathmandu

When opportunity knocks …

… I open the door, of course – this time to returning to Kathmandu, only one year after my last visit – the visit of the broken arm. No way could I turn down an opportunity to visit Kathmandu with Lillian, my oldest friend (in friend-years). I’ve decided to think of this as our 50-years-of-friendship trip.

Lillian and I were best friends in high school, in Quebec City. Continue reading When opportunity knocks …