Santa Fe – the city different

After eight days exploring spectacular national parks and seven nights in a tent, some of them with temperatures barely above freezing, I was ready for the comforts of a hotel room. I love the wilderness, but a real bed is pretty cool too.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, calls itself the city different. It’s over 400 years old, Continue reading Santa Fe – the city different


Mesa Verde – Palaces of the ancients

I have been fascinated by the Ancestral Puebloans since my university days. Why did this ancient civilization of the Southwest build entire communities in alcoves on the face of sheer canyon walls 800 years ago and then abandon them?

Mesa Verde National Park was established in 1906 to “preserve the works of man;” the first national park to incorporate this mission. It has nearly 5,000 Ancestral Puebloans sites, many of them cliff dwellings. Continue reading Mesa Verde – Palaces of the ancients

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