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No little penguins, but Wineglass Bay

One of the things I was really looking forward to in Tasmania was a night-time visit to a little penguins habitat. They are referred to as fairy penguins in Australia because of their size, they are the smallest of the penguins at only 33cm high. Continue reading No little penguins, but Wineglass Bay

Tasmanian Trekking

We’re in Tasmania, the island state of Australia. We’ve come here to hike the Three Capes Track, a 46 km trail on the southern Tasman Peninsula. It starts from a beach and traverses rainforests, eucalypt woodland, coastal heathland, and climbs rocky cliff tops with dizzying vertical drops to the sea. Only 48 permits per day are issued for the Track; we reserved our spot last November. Continue reading Tasmanian Trekking

Australia 2018

The time has come for another adventure. For a few weeks in February and March, my cold Canadian winter will be transformed into an Australian summer.

One thing I’ve discovered is that planning a trip to Australia isn’t easy. I knew that Australia was big – is it the largest island in the world or the smallest continent? – but I was surprised to learn that it’s as large as the continental U.S.A. I’ve driven across the U.S.; I understand how big that is. How were Ken and I to decide where to go, what to see and what to do?

A chance meeting with five Aussies at a roadside hot dog stand near Quebec City a few months ago was serendipity. I jumped on the opportunity to ask questions: What about Urulu? “Don’t go to Ayers Rock in February!” said one. “It’s too hot and there are too many flies.” OK! good to know, Urulu drops to the “next time” list. What do you suggest?

Apologies to the real Tasmanian devils, I watched a lot of Bugs Bunny cartoons as a kid.

“Tasmania, February is a great time to go there.” Tasmania? You mean the home of the Tasmanian Devil? Sounds good to me.

Since that meeting, many hours have been spent poring over websites and guidebooks. We started with an itinerary that covered a huge swath of the country, then cut it back, a lot. We’re opting to spend more time in fewer places, one of which is Tasmania. Just wait to see what we’re planning for Tasmania!

The next couple of weeks will be spent packing (I’m still working on traveling light) and looking at more websites and guidebooks. It’s going to be fun!