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Seven days out and we’re still in Ontario!

Sure, we’ve been stopping to explore here and there, but it sure drives home the fact that Ontario is a big, big province. Quebec to Manitoba, from border to border, it’s more than 2,000 km. The route is lined with rocks, trees, lakes, rivers and more rocks and trees combining to create breath-taking scenery. Much as it reminds us of Group of Seven paintings, there’s lots more to see besides the landscape. Continue reading Seven days out and we’re still in Ontario!

Did anyone think of making a list?

When we travel with our tent, Ken and I have a finely-tuned chorography for getting ready. I have lists that are years old. We each have our own tasks that we do without even consulting each other. Our trips run smoothly because we’ve done this so often.

Juniper has introduced a new routine. Continue reading Did anyone think of making a list?

The Konbini – your ally in Japan

In Japan, the konbini is omnipresent. On this trip, it provided us with meals, beer and snacks. If we’d needed, we could have gotten wine, umbrellas, lottery tickets, cigarettes, a white dress shirt or tooth paste. Manga porn is on offer along with all the other magazines. It’s also where we discovered the strawberry and whipped cream sandwich – which we didn’t try. We relied on it for our travel-sustaining coffee.

The konbini is a convenience store on steroids, the ultimate multi-service store. Continue reading The Konbini – your ally in Japan