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Tokyo’s baffling transit system

When I learned that Tokyo has 37 million inhabitants making it the largest city in the world, I began to wonder how people get to work on time. 37 million people, that’s equal to all of Canada. The simple answer is public transit but nothing about Tokyo’s public transit is simple. Continue reading Tokyo’s baffling transit system


Hello from Tokyo, Japan

Yup, only 4 ½ weeks after our last trip, Ken and I are in Japan. We are here to discover a new country and to visit with our son, Max, who has been here for more than a year teaching English as a second language in a city on the west coast. After our long flight from Ottawa via Toronto, we landed in the early evening at Haneda airport, one of two airports serving Tokyo.

All we had left to do was to find our accommodations for the coming week, an apartment near the Akihabara neighbourhood. Continue reading Hello from Tokyo, Japan

Food truck dining

There is always a food truck nearby when you’re hungry on the island of Oahu. Some have a reputation reaching far beyond the island. Others seem a little quirkier.

We ate at one of the most famous – Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. It began in 1953 in a converted bread truck that stopped at different spots  to offer their limited menu – Shrimp scampi, Hot and spicy shrimp, and Lemon butter shrimp. Continue reading Food truck dining

What do you do when it rains in paradise?

By definition the tropics are wet, rain keeps the vegetation lush and abundant. Coming here in the rainy season, we knew what to expect. Turns out we’re here during a particularly rainy stretch. We even got rain on the “dry” side of Maui where typically the grass crunches underfoot. Rain showers are often short but intense, and it seems to rain just as we’re about to do something.

So instead of spending time on the beach we’re exploring the island. Continue reading What do you do when it rains in paradise?