Introducing Juniper

We’re soon off on another adventure. We’re going westward to explore our country and some northwestern American states.  And we’ll be traveling in a new way, aboard a motor home. We named her Juniper and the name was carefully picked.

We have a dear friend named June. Over the years, she, her husband Glen, my husband Ken and I have enjoyed lazy afternoons in their pool, a few rain-soaked camping trips and many great meals, usually accompanied by a bottle or two of nice wine.

Often our conversations turn to travel and June asks why we still enjoy camping in a tent. “You should get a hippy van!” she has jokingly told us on many occasions.

Last spring, her joking turned a little more serious. With all the traveling you do, you should get a motor home, she said. And now’s the time to do it. Why wait?

June’s question resonated with us. We had been toying with the idea for a few years and Ken had done a fair bit of research. Why wait indeed, we took the leap.

Once we decided our motor home needed a name, we searched for a way to honour our friend June and her well-timed suggestion.

Juniper it is! Juniper also happens to be the name of a hardy shrub that grows throughout the northern hemisphere, including far off places we’ve visited like Russia, China and Nepal. Seems right on so many levels.

Our new adventure beckons…


2 thoughts on “Introducing Juniper”

  1. Glen and I are so happy that you guys finally took the plunge. We are sure that Juniper will take you on many happy adventures and we will “travel” along with you via your blog. Cheers.

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