When opportunity knocks …

… I open the door, of course – this time to returning to Kathmandu, only one year after my last visit – the visit of the broken arm. No way could I turn down an opportunity to visit Kathmandu with Lillian, my oldest friend (in friend-years). I’ve decided to think of this as our 50-years-of-friendship trip.

Lillian and I were best friends in high school, in Quebec City. I probably spent more weekends at Lillian’s place than I did at my own home in those days and we shared typical teenage misadventures. We were part of a posse of friends (that included Ken, later to become my husband).

As adults, Lillian (Lil to her newer friends) and I never lived in the same city and there were long stretches when we seldom spoke. However, that teenage bond is strong. When we do connect, we seem to simply pick up where we left off the last time.

Version 2
With Lillian in August 2014

Lillian developed ties to Kathmandu over the years and travelled there a number of times, sometimes for several weeks. On my side I’ve been to Kathmandu twice before, but never when she was in residence.

Now the stars have aligned. Lillian will be heading there soon and I will join her a few days later. Who knows what misadventures await?


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