Modern Melbourne and Spectacular Sydney

Our trip is winding up, our last ports of call are cities, Melbourne and Sydney.

These two cities have a rivalry not unlike Montréal and Toronto. Each one claims to be the most livable. What do I think – I liked them both for different reasons.

Melbourne impressed me with its fantastic architecture. The century-old buildings are expertly preserved and the modern high rises are extraordinary. Architects fearlessly use colour and shapes in unconventional ways to create a unique and stunning skyline. I loved the laneways and the trendy vibrancy of the city.

Sydney is all about the water, the famous Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House draw you to the harbour, the largest natural harbour in the world.

Sydneysiders, as locals are called, use ferries to move around the city. They play in and on the water, too. We saw hundreds, probably thousands, of sailboats and yachts.

On a Sunday afternoon, along with many others, we took the city bus to famous Bondi Beach to enjoy the sand, the sea and to watch the very skilled surfers riding the waves. We came back to our city hotel by ferry, strolling through the downtown in flip-flops and beach clothes.

It would be a hard choice to pick one over the other.


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