Trans-Mongolian adventure comes to an end

What a trip! China, Mongolia, Russia. Don’t ask me to choose a favourite country, it would be like choosing between my children. Each one is unique.

China wins for most exotic. Everything about China is different. The food – we ate fried scorpions, what more can I say? The celebration of the National Day – it’s at dawn and lasts about an hour. The crush of people – you’re always in a crowd. But it’s exciting and fascinating.

Mongolia, if I really had to pick a favourite… Mongolia stole my heart, partly because we got out of the city. We stayed in a Ger (yurt) camp and went hiking. The people of Mongolia are handsome and friendly. They’re happy and proud of their country. And the boots – Mongolian boots are absolutely the most beautiful.

Russia was a country I dreamed of visiting and it lived up to my expectations. I didn’t tire of the vastness of Siberia as it glided past the train windows. The Siberian cities attest to their inhabitants’ resilience. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are cosmopolitan and very different from one another. Moscow is chic and vibrant; Saint Petersburg is moody and romantic.

I enjoyed it all!

Till next time…


2 thoughts on “Trans-Mongolian adventure comes to an end”

  1. Thank you so much sharing your fascinating trip Ken and Ann Marie!!!! We loved reading your posts!!! Kathie & Bob



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