Bittersweet homecoming

In one of my first posts for this adventure, I asked if it was inauspicious to pick March 15 as our departure date? Maybe it was because fate was not done with us yet. Can you imagine both of us in hospital in Kathmandu at the same time? 

When we arrived in Kathmandu by helicopter, Ken was transferred to a hospital and admitted so they could monitor and treat his AMS and sinus infection. I stayed with him until he was settled in a room and then headed to our hotel. I was hungry and looking forward to a hot shower after nearly a week on the trail.

A few hours later I was back at the same hospital looking for help for myself. I had broken bones in my right wrist following a fall. Was it Sagarmatha making sure we got her message? If so, it was very clear, our touring and trekking was done.

My fracture required surgery so I was admitted to hospital too. Around 9 p.m. that night, the staff went to Ken’s room and told him there was someone in the hospital who wanted to see him. They walked him down to my room. I’m sure you can imagine his surprise when he saw me sitting in bed with my arm in a cast.

The next few days were spent organizing our return home from our hospital beds, working with our insurance company and our tour company in Kathmandu, Nepal Vision. We moved our travel date up and came home about a week earlier than planned. Back in Canada, Ken is feeling better and I’m getting follow-up care for my wrist.

Travel is always an adventure, one way or another. Ultimately, when things don’t go as planned, it’s the people around you that make the difference. We were very fortunate to have the help of the terrific medical staff at the Swacon International Hospital, the people at the Apsara Boutique Hotel, especially Hari who came with me to the hospital, Chet at Nepal Vision, and the people at our insurance provider.

Chet, Anne-Marie, Hari, Ken
Chet, Anne-Marie, Hari and Ken

Bones heal, life continues. More adventures await.


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet homecoming”

  1. Glad you are home safely, and wish you both a full and speedy recovery! Even though this is not how you wanted things to go, you have the right attitude, which will go a long way to help you both heal.


  2. We are also very happy that you are safely back home. Also very thankful that you listened to your body and Everest – and walked away…


  3. Ce fut un choc pour nous lecteurs assidus de vous lire! Nous vous téléphonerons bientôt pour prendre de vos nouvelles récentes! Nous avons bien hâte de vous revoir.


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