Grand Canyon

Quite simply, it’s grand. The scale of the canyon is hard to grasp. When early explorers first saw the canyon, they thought it was about a mile across. In fact, it’s ten miles across.

There’s nothing quite like the first sight of it. Ours was at sunset at Mather Point. The sun was low in the sky and the reds were on full display. Wow. Ken and I, along with hundreds of others, gazed upon this wondrous display of Nature. If you look from the edge of the guardrail and in the right direction, you don’t see all the other people and you can imagine you’re alone with the view.

We stayed at Mather Campground, in the park. Checking in, the park ranger warned us about the wildlife. He showed us a Styrofoam cooler that had been attacked by ravens. About a quarter of it was missing. The ravens then punctured a can of Coke inside the cooler. Can you imagine their reaction when that Coke came shooting out of that can?

We hiked down into the canyon on our second day. The tricky thing about hiking into the Grand Canyon is that you go down first, then you need to come back up. Also, it gets hotter as you go down. Finally, you’re at altitude, the rim is 8000 feet above sea level. About 600 people a year need to be rescued in the Grand Canyon.

We had a perfect day, sunny and not too hot, and we had a great hike. Here are a few pictures – warning: they do not do the Grand Canyon justice, no picture can. The only way to truly appreciate the canyon is to go see it.


3 thoughts on “Grand Canyon”

    1. Hi Lois and thanks for your interest and comments. We did not hike all the way down to the bottom of the canyon. Cedar Ridge is 1.5 miles down, about a quarter of the way. We spent the rest of the day doing the Rim Trail and exploring the old part of Grand Canyon Village. Cheers.


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