Hiking in Zion

The most popular hike in Zion Nation Park is Angels Landing. It’s a strenuous 8.7 km (5.4 miles) hike with an altitude change of 453 m (1488 ft). It has long drop-offs. The last section is along a steep, narrow ridge with chains set up as handrails. That’s not the trail we did.

We did Observation Point 12.9 km (8 miles), elevation gain 655 metres (2148 feet). It also has long drop-offs with no chains. It’s less busy and offers even more spectacular views than Angels Landing. The weather was perfect and the views, breathtaking. Here is some of what we saw.


One thought on “Hiking in Zion”

  1. Zion was my favourite of all the parks we visited in the area. Majestic is really a good word for it. It made me feel so tiny. I couldn’t get enough of those massive cliff faces in the changing light.


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