Moab moabulous

Say Moab to anyone really into bikes and they will immediately think of mountain biking on red slick-rock along canyons that seem to have been imagined for a Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner cartoon. Well, the creator of that cartoon didn’t make it up, he went to Moab.

We spent a morning mountain biking with Julie our guide and another couple, Anne and Micky from Connecticut. We got to ride over the famous slick-rock and we stopped for a break at a point overlooking Arches National Park. We finished up with an exciting ride climbing and descending steep, single track peppered with rocks the size of toasters and microwaves, because Julie deemed that we were good enough to take on the more challenging route back. It was fun and really exciting.

But Moab is more than mountain biking. We did a rafting trip down the Colorado River, too. Noah our river guide and I connected because he’s been to Nepal several times. He’s done the Everest Base Camp trek, like I have.

In Moab, everywhere you look the red rocks are stunning. Erosion has created a display of arches, balancing rocks, caverns, hoodoos and cliffs that tower over the Colorado river and dwarf the roads snaking along the canyons. The colours change constantly as the sun moves across the sky. It’s a magical area.




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