I liked Denver a lot. It has a great vibe. I’m trying to figure out why and it all comes down to the people. People in Denver seem to enjoy life. Of course, location helps – all those beautiful mountains to the west.

We were in Denver during a festival called A Taste of Denver. It’s billed as an event where you can sample food and drink from various local establishments. But it’s more than that. There’s also a craft market, four stages for concerts from country to Indy rock and a midway. On Labour Day, it seemed like all of Denver had turned out to enjoy it and everyone was in good spirits.

At the main stage, with a country band playing, the entire audience was dancing, singing along with the music and cheering. People were happy, smiling at one another and saying hello to everyone they met. From what I saw, the people of Denver really support their professional sports teams and they love their state. They show it by wearing team and state t-shirts and caps: men, women and children, even infants.

Maybe it’s the proximity to the mountains, the outdoor lifestyle and sports, maybe it’s remnants of the hippie era, I don’t know but it seems like a great place to live.


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