Driving the Mid-West

The landscape in the mid-West is quietly spectacular. Day 3 of our trip was spent driving across Iowa, about 480 km (300 miles) from the eastern border to the western one. 

The east part of the state is very flat. When I looked to the horizon, there were few cues to give me a sense of distance or perspective. After a couple of hours, the landscape becomes more rolling, getting gradually hillier towards the west. Interstate 80 is arrow straight.

There are endless fields of corn and soya, the state’s primary crops according to the woman I spoke with at a roadside rest area. The corn is taller than at home and the fields go on and on to the horizon.

Every once in a while, a wind farm appears. The wind turbines seem at home in this landscape of distorted proportions. They look impressive standing together in the fields, with blades gracefully turning. But considering that each blade is ten to twelve stories high, they’re way bigger than they appear.

Turbines in Iowa (1)


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